ATRecycle has the ability to shred your confidential documents safely and securely with our Midwest Data Shred division. With our MDS truck, we can come to your business and shred your documents right in front of you with On-Sight Shredding!


Our MDS drivers can collect your paper on a regular scheduled pickup or for a one time clean up.

The MDS truck driver collects your documents in a bin. Once the bin is full, it is attached to a lift on the side of the truck where is it then lifted to the top of the truck. As the bin is raised, a door in the roof opens. The truck dumps the documents in and begins the shredding process. The process is safe, quick, and easy. Once an MDS truck is full of shredded paper, it is taken to another facility for recycling and made into items like product labels.

MDS can also shred backup tapes and punch hard drives with our On-Site Data Destruction service!


Back at ATRecycle Headquarters, we have an electronics shredder for breaking down used electronics for recycling.


If you are interested in MDS coming to your site for Safe and Secure Data Destruction or for more information, please contact

Ray Magee


(815) 844-7779

or Toll Free (877) 781-7779

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