PONTIAC, IL – Advanced Technology Recycling, a nationwide electronics recycling company, is hosting the 1 Million Pound Challenge—an initiative aimed at encouraging residents, businesses and government entities to recycle electronics for Earth Day.

“Electronics are the fastest growing waste stream worldwide,” said Ray Magee, Director of Sales and Marketing at Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR). “For Earth day we want to further promote responsible recycling practices by taking the lead through offering a responsible recycling outlet for companies and individuals looking to recycling their old equipment.”

ATR is challenging groups to recycle between April 15th-22nd, and the company aspires to collect 1 million pounds of e-waste between five sites during that period of time. ATR plans to host a variety of e-waste drives through out the weekend, and is currently looking for corporate partners that are interested in promoting the challenge by organizing employee e-waste drives. ATR is encouraging local entities in West Michigan, Central Illinois and Texas to get involved, as well as larger companies with multiple sites across the U.S.

“ATR will provide companies with the resources needed to organize employee e-waste drives,” said Magee. “It’s a great opportunity for employees at these companies to recycle at no charge, and ATR will pickup the equipment at the end of the week.”

“We have in-house logistics so can offer pick-up solutions for companies that want to get involved in our challenge, whether they are located in-state or out-of-state,” said Magee.

“As part of our company motto – We make Electronics Recycling Easy – We want to offer a recycling solution for commercial customers as well as residents that is convenient and dependable,” said Magee.

ATR is a zero-landfill electronics recycler and will either wipe clean any data bearing device or destroy data bearing devices utilizing physical methods of guaranteed destruction. In 2011 the company recycled 15 million pounds of e-waste, and has shown rapid expansion and increased capabilities since then, transforming to a coast-to-coast e-waste processor with multiple sites throughout the U.S.

“We are getting a lot of questions from people regarding why we would commit ourselves to such a big endeavor, said Whitney Ehresman, Business Development Manager at the ATR Grand Rapids, MI site. “We are prepared to mobilize the resources needed to make this 1 million pound collection a success, and we are excited for more opportunities to promote sound environmental practices through e-waste collection.”

“Really, the biggest objective for us is to raise awareness about the implications surrounding e-waste when it is not properly managed,” said Ehresman.

More information can be found by going to:www.atrecycle.com/index.php/home/one-million-pound-challenge/


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